10/16/2012 11:29:39

Excellent work Bruce...we can add the junior league information and make it available to all - if SAAD agrees of course. I will give you all you need to make it current for the juniors. We can add drills if you think it is possible and have a drill for the week as well???

Rae Persram
10/18/2012 00:29:11

Site looks simple and well done, you may want ot put a seperate inline window for items for sale or external links in general so you do not leave the site to go to another site. I do not think this site would cause any problems it does not mention the location anywhere that I could see.

Rae Persram
10/18/2012 00:31:38

We may not want to post our logo due to soem copyright issue witht he sprigfield falcons of the AHL http://www.falconsahl.com/, but we are in Saudi no biggee....


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